Pointless (pointlessduh) wrote in communityheaven,

THINK TEN -- Small Group, RP Seekers

think_ten A roleplayer community aimed specifically at those who feel comfortable in small group roleplay opposed to large or one on one. Here you are, a seeker and you are throwing yourself out there to start a game with fellow comforters of the small who want the same fandom as you or want to start up something new. You can also be a looker, only wanting small games. We know, aren't there tons of communities aimed at giving roleplayers what they want already? In my experience I've never seen one specifically aimed at this group type. Only one-on-one and everything else. Hopefully someone out there wanted something like this as much as I have.

There will also be a sister community: lost_ten a community for small group advertisements only.

Officially opening -- 07/15/2009
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