Cassie (cassie_faith) wrote in communityheaven,

Join Miss Liz Fans!


We are a multi-platform and Members Only unofficial fan-ran club for the one and only Elizabeth Gillies! We have Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook accounts for public/large blasts, which would be optional for the members to use/follow. We'd then use LiveJournal and Hall (chat site) for our more intimate happenings. Part of a club is the exclusivity, right? :)

We’ll host fun activities, fanfic/art/media recommendations and exchanges, contests, group chats, and a love for all things Liz Gillies!

We welcome you to join us! If you’d like to, please review our rules first and then apply! Apply here at our LiveJournal: (If you are not a LiveJournal member, you can sign up for FREE! Come on and join in on the fun!).

If you are not a fan yourself but know someone who is, please tell them about us! We only have two members and are looking for more!!!!
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